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Bark Off Range Review

Guest Review Submitted by Frank Madrigal

It seemed impossible to find a good place for reviews for Bark Off until I found this place… everywhere else is so fake. Anyway, I found a link here to the same offer they showed on TV the other day. I bought my set here. They came in the mail about a week ago and I started testing the range. My older dog Reed is actually trained very well, so I tested it out on him. I gave him the bark command and stood about 20 feet away, then while he was barking I turned the barkoff on and he stopped barking. So, I knew the range was at least 20 feet.

I moved back another 5 feet, so 25 feet this time. Did the same thing and got the same result. Again at 30 feet, and again at 35 feet. BarkOff says 30 feet but I’ve tested it myself at 35. I can’t confirm 40 as it seemed like Reed heard something at that distance, but after a few seconds he went right back to barking… so I’m assuming the signal isn’t as strong back there? I don’t know.

Anyway if any one is concerned about the range of bark off then I hope I helped.

Frank M

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