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How Effective is BarkOff?

Guest Review Submitted by Dianne Bleier

I am using my Bark Off that I got in the mail 2 days ago from the company and I am wondering how effective is BarkOff for everyone else? I have been using it ever since I got it in the mail and it seems to be doing pretty well, even though it seems like my dogs are still warming up to it… I have two pit bulls and they have always been loud as heck, but I didn’t want to do the shock collar thing so I went with this thing.

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I actually have two of them because I thought I would probably need 1 device per dog, but it turns out it doesn’t work that way. But that’s alright because I can put one by my backdoor and one on the coffee table in my living room and that way I have the backyard and the entire house covered. I don’t think they have stopped the whole nuisance barking thing yet, but they have sure gotten a lot quieter. I think every day is a little better. I’ll update you all in a few weeks as long as we are allowed to submitted more than one review here.