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Should You Buy Bark Off

Buy Bark Off


I could write for ages about whether or not you should buy Bark Off. Rather than listen to me, check out what Debbie Byrd one of our readers had to say. Then decide for yourself if you should buy Bark off.

Bark off is Amazing!!!!! We have a 5 year old Airdale Terrier that barks alot while inside and outside. My husband has actually threatened to get rid of him. As i was walking through a store just 2 days ago i saw this. I thought what the heck i’ll give it a try.

Since turning it on i heard a whimper out of him when i brought him into his room in the basement and that was it. No more nights of him keeping us awake. Bark off really works!!!! I give it a 5 with thumbs up. Thank you We can keep our dog.

Review Submitted by Debbie Byrd, Thanks Debbie.


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