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Loving My Time at Home with Bark Off

Guest Review by Cathy Lewis

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I received my bark-off on wednesday and i’ll be darned if it really does seem to work. My dog is one of those constantly barking dogs – barks at everything he hears – a car going by (i have a speed bump right outside my house), someone cutting their grass, the cat next door, etc., etc. Turned it on and the first time he barked, he barked just 1 time, kind of turned and looked at it and stopped barking. It’s only been 2 days and the house is so much more quiet now. He will still give the 1 bark, but then a low growl and then nothing! I was concerned about damage to his ears, but from what i read, it will cause no harm (at least i hope it won’t). Couldn’t be more pleased. Just wondering how long a battery is expected to last.

How Effective is BarkOff?

Guest Review Submitted by Dianne Bleier

I am using my Bark Off that I got in the mail 2 days ago from the company and I am wondering how effective is BarkOff for everyone else? I have been using it ever since I got it in the mail and it seems to be doing pretty well, even though it seems like my dogs are still warming up to it… I have two pit bulls and they have always been loud as heck, but I didn’t want to do the shock collar thing so I went with this thing.

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I actually have two of them because I thought I would probably need 1 device per dog, but it turns out it doesn’t work that way. But that’s alright because I can put one by my backdoor and one on the coffee table in my living room and that way I have the backyard and the entire house covered. I don’t think they have stopped the whole nuisance barking thing yet, but they have sure gotten a lot quieter. I think every day is a little better. I’ll update you all in a few weeks as long as we are allowed to submitted more than one review here.

BarkOff Review

Guest Review Submitted by Gerry Parcel

Hello and thank you for reading my barkoff review. My only gripe with this product is the shipping and handling. I think the shipping is a little too much, and I think it should be a few dollars less. But honestly I am happy with the actual product. Brandy does not bark anymore, and she has seemed to stop barking ever since I turned the barkoff switch on. The other day I had a Fedex guy at the door, and she barked at him until I petted her and told her it was OK. So I am very happy to know that my brandy hasn’t stopped barking when it really matters. I don’t really know what else there is to say here other than it worked for me. But I would suggest to them that they lower their shipping and handling fees.

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