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Bark Off For Travel

This review on really caught my eye.  I guess some people really do expect a magic, instant solution.  Read on and I think you will see what I am saying.

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Bark Off Review

I don’t understand all the negative reviews on here. I’m glad I didn’t read them before I bought the bark off because I never would’ve bought it and seen how great it is!

My husband and I were recently relocated for work and we knew we’d be in hotels and an apartment for at least a few months so we were going to have to do something about our dogs barking. We have a cocker spaniel and a pomeranian and they bark if they hear people walking by or if anyone comes over, and sometimes they just bark incessantly during the night for no reason.

I went to a pet product store prepared to spend over a hundred dollars on bark collars, but I saw the bark off in the “as seen on TV” section, so I thought, for $10 I might as well give it a shot before I spent all that money on the bark collars. I was very skeptical but like I said, thought I might as well try since it was so cheap (and even cheaper on Amazon I see!).

I’d never seen an infomercial or read anything about it before. I took it home, put a battery in it and turned it on. Then I went and rang the doorbell. My pomeranian wasn’t home, but my cocker spaniel barked once, then looked really startled and confused, whimpered a little, then resorted to just growling at the door until he realized no one was there. A few minutes later, our realtor showed up, and my cocker spaniel didn’t bark AT ALL when she rang the bell or even came in the house! I was STUNNED!!!!

It’s been great to have in the hotels and apartment because we’re not worried about them barking while we’re gone and bothering people. Our pomeranian was the one who would bark at night and she’s never barked during the night since we got the bark off. We can sleep now!! HUGE difference for our little family.

I will say that it’s not magical and all it does is DETER barking, not eliminate it completely. They still bark every now and again, but it’s never more than once or twice and then they stop.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there’s no way to know if it’s working or if the battery is charged. There’s no light or anything letting you know it’s powered on. You have to guess when to change the battery. Although I noticed that even when the bark off is turned off, they still don’t bark because they’re trained not to. But I’d still like to know that’s it’s on. We’re going to get the AC adapter this week so that we know it’s always on.

I would recommend this product to anyone with dogs who bark for long periods of time and are responsive to correction. Some dogs are just too stubborn to care about any sound so it wouldn’t help their barking.

Review by Janae “mrsrbnsn” from

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