Loving My Time at Home with Bark Off

Guest Review by Cathy Lewis

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I received my bark-off on wednesday and i’ll be darned if it really does seem to work. My dog is one of those constantly barking dogs – barks at everything he hears – a car going by (i have a speed bump right outside my house), someone cutting their grass, the cat next door, etc., etc. Turned it on and the first time he barked, he barked just 1 time, kind of turned and looked at it and stopped barking. It’s only been 2 days and the house is so much more quiet now. He will still give the 1 bark, but then a low growl and then nothing! I was concerned about damage to his ears, but from what i read, it will cause no harm (at least i hope it won’t). Couldn’t be more pleased. Just wondering how long a battery is expected to last.

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