How To Stop A Dog From Barking

When you have a dog, one of your responsibilities as a pet owner is to keep the dog under control at all times. This includes how the animal behaves while out in public as well as how he behaves in your home. We all know that you can’t have a dog that bites people or goes after other pets but did you realize that excessive barking is another area that you need to control?

Many towns and cities have passed ordinances that will issue fines to dog owners who allow their dog to bark all the time. This is especially true for cities or any areas where the neighbors are close by because your neighbors don’t want to hear your dog barking all day while you’re at work or whenever you go out. If It annoys you to hear your own dog barking, just imagine how your neighbors feel when they hear it all day long!

Of course, there are times that we want our dogs to bark. When there is someone trying to break into your home in the middle of the night, you definitely want your dog to alert you to the intruder. However, there are times when the barking is just plain annoying, like when someone drives by or you are having guests. There are several methods to teach a dog to stop barking when it’s not necessary, with pros and cons to each method.

One thing that is highly recommended is that your dog has obedience training. You can do this at any age but it is more effective when the dog is still immature. Generally, this will be a 4-12 week program where you attend obedience school with your dog. You get taught how to effectively control the dog so it’s kind of like you’re both being trained. If you have an older animal, it will be harder to learn how to stop a dog from barking but if the animal otherwise is trained pretty well, obedience classes could help.

Another method that people use to figure out how to stop a dog barking is the use of shock collars. These collars generally come with a remote control and when the animal is doing something you don’t want them to do, like barking needlessly, you would push the button on the remote. This tells the collar to give the dog a jolt of electricity. It’s like electro-shock therapy for animals. Many people find these to be inhumane because the collars actually can be quite painful for your dog. They can even backfire because some dogs will associate barking with pain and then won’t bark when you want them to.

Using a dog whistle can be a low-tech solution to the question of how to stop a dog from barking. A dog whistle emits a high-pitched sound when you blow on it that you won’t be able to hear but your dog will. The theory behind this is when you’re dog is barking unnecessarily, you would blow the whistle. The dog will hear the noise and it will interrupt his barking pattern as he tries to figure out where this new noise is coming from. Accompanied by a simple command, this can teach your dog when you would like him to be quiet. There are two main drawbacks to this method. The first is that most people feel rather silly walking around town blowing on a whistle that other people can’t hear. The second is that while your dog will probably stop barking when he hears the whistle, other dogs in the vicinity will usually start barking. Needless to say, that can be pretty annoying to anyone else around you.

There is a new product on the market to these problems and works along the same lines as the whistle. This product is called Bark Of and it is an ultrasonic device that will emit a similar high-pitched noise while eliminating the disadvantages of using the actual whistle. Since the device is small, around the size of an MP3 player, it easily hides in your pocket so while you’re out around town, no one even knows you have it. It has been designed to be effective only in the range of about 30′ so you won’t be setting off other people’s dogs a quarter mile down the road.

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