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Bark Off

For the most part I’m pretty suspicious of anything that has the “As Seen on TV” trademark.  For one thing, I’ve had some bad experiences myself with these types of products and for another it seems that they always get you with hidden charges.  Having said all of that, if this product can live up to its claims, it seems to me that it may actually be quite valuable.

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After doing some research on this product, I realized that the reviews could be very confusing. For that reason, on this site we are ONLY accepting reviews from actual Bark Off users. If you would like to share your experience with Bark Off, please contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

If you have ever endured the endless cacophony made by dogs who just won’t stop barking, you know how desperate you can be to get some peace and quiet.  This product seems like it might just make that a possibility.

Before we get into the reviews, let’s see what this product is and what it can do.

What is Bark Off?

Bark Off is an ultrasonic training aid that helps you teach your precious pet (or pets) to control their nuisance barking.  Unlike other harsher methods of training, there is no electric shocks or traumatizing experiences.  The device is small enough for you to slip into your pocket and take with you when you’re going somewhere that you know will be a problem for your dog.

How does it work?

Bark Off releases an ultrasonic sound which is completely inaudible to human ears but is immediately heard by your dog and effectively interrupts his barking cycle.  The great thing about this is that in a truly dangerous situation, such as an intruder, your dog will keep barking.  The ultrasonic signal is only effective for nuisance barking.

The device has a low and high setting.  Low will cover a ten foot radius.  High will cover twenty feet.  It also includes a wall mount for convenience.

What will Bark off NOT do?

Bark Off is not a muzzle.  It will not keep your dog quiet one hundred percent of the time.  It is not a magic pill; it is a TRAINING tool.  When used in combination with positive reinforcement and plenty of attention, it is always effective.

Keep in mind that training takes time. You cannot expect to take the brand new device out of the packaging, plug it in, and have your dog immediately be silent.  You CAN expect great improvement after just a few days. 

To summarize

Bark Off is an effective, humane, easy-to-use device that can save you a lot of headaches with your dog.  If you’ve been looking for something that can help “curb” your dog’s desire to loudly let you know whenever a squirrel runs by or someone is at the door, consider giving this a try.  You might just find the peace you gain worth far more than the price you paid. 

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Should You Buy Bark Off

Buy Bark Off


I could write for ages about whether or not you should buy Bark Off. Rather than listen to me, check out what Debbie Byrd one of our readers had to say. Then decide for yourself if you should buy Bark off.

Bark off is Amazing!!!!! We have a 5 year old Airdale Terrier that barks alot while inside and outside. My husband has actually threatened to get rid of him. As i was walking through a store just 2 days ago i saw this. I thought what the heck i’ll give it a try.

Since turning it on i heard a whimper out of him when i brought him into his room in the basement and that was it. No more nights of him keeping us awake. Bark off really works!!!! I give it a 5 with thumbs up. Thank you We can keep our dog.

Review Submitted by Debbie Byrd, Thanks Debbie.


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Bark Off For Travel

This review on really caught my eye.  I guess some people really do expect a magic, instant solution.  Read on and I think you will see what I am saying.

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Bark Off Review

I don’t understand all the negative reviews on here. I’m glad I didn’t read them before I bought the bark off because I never would’ve bought it and seen how great it is!

My husband and I were recently relocated for work and we knew we’d be in hotels and an apartment for at least a few months so we were going to have to do something about our dogs barking. We have a cocker spaniel and a pomeranian and they bark if they hear people walking by or if anyone comes over, and sometimes they just bark incessantly during the night for no reason.

I went to a pet product store prepared to spend over a hundred dollars on bark collars, but I saw the bark off in the “as seen on TV” section, so I thought, for $10 I might as well give it a shot before I spent all that money on the bark collars. I was very skeptical but like I said, thought I might as well try since it was so cheap (and even cheaper on Amazon I see!).

I’d never seen an infomercial or read anything about it before. I took it home, put a battery in it and turned it on. Then I went and rang the doorbell. My pomeranian wasn’t home, but my cocker spaniel barked once, then looked really startled and confused, whimpered a little, then resorted to just growling at the door until he realized no one was there. A few minutes later, our realtor showed up, and my cocker spaniel didn’t bark AT ALL when she rang the bell or even came in the house! I was STUNNED!!!!

It’s been great to have in the hotels and apartment because we’re not worried about them barking while we’re gone and bothering people. Our pomeranian was the one who would bark at night and she’s never barked during the night since we got the bark off. We can sleep now!! HUGE difference for our little family.

I will say that it’s not magical and all it does is DETER barking, not eliminate it completely. They still bark every now and again, but it’s never more than once or twice and then they stop.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because there’s no way to know if it’s working or if the battery is charged. There’s no light or anything letting you know it’s powered on. You have to guess when to change the battery. Although I noticed that even when the bark off is turned off, they still don’t bark because they’re trained not to. But I’d still like to know that’s it’s on. We’re going to get the AC adapter this week so that we know it’s always on.

I would recommend this product to anyone with dogs who bark for long periods of time and are responsive to correction. Some dogs are just too stubborn to care about any sound so it wouldn’t help their barking.

Review by Janae “mrsrbnsn” from

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Bark Off in an Apartment

Loving My Time at Home with Bark Off

Guest Review by Cathy Lewis

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I received my bark-off on wednesday and i’ll be darned if it really does seem to work. My dog is one of those constantly barking dogs – barks at everything he hears – a car going by (i have a speed bump right outside my house), someone cutting their grass, the cat next door, etc., etc. Turned it on and the first time he barked, he barked just 1 time, kind of turned and looked at it and stopped barking. It’s only been 2 days and the house is so much more quiet now. He will still give the 1 bark, but then a low growl and then nothing! I was concerned about damage to his ears, but from what i read, it will cause no harm (at least i hope it won’t). Couldn’t be more pleased. Just wondering how long a battery is expected to last.

Bark Off Range Review

Guest Review Submitted by Frank Madrigal

It seemed impossible to find a good place for reviews for Bark Off until I found this place… everywhere else is so fake. Anyway, I found a link here to the same offer they showed on TV the other day. I bought my set here. They came in the mail about a week ago and I started testing the range. My older dog Reed is actually trained very well, so I tested it out on him. I gave him the bark command and stood about 20 feet away, then while he was barking I turned the barkoff on and he stopped barking. So, I knew the range was at least 20 feet.

I moved back another 5 feet, so 25 feet this time. Did the same thing and got the same result. Again at 30 feet, and again at 35 feet. BarkOff says 30 feet but I’ve tested it myself at 35. I can’t confirm 40 as it seemed like Reed heard something at that distance, but after a few seconds he went right back to barking… so I’m assuming the signal isn’t as strong back there? I don’t know.

Anyway if any one is concerned about the range of bark off then I hope I helped.

Frank M

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How Effective is BarkOff?

Guest Review Submitted by Dianne Bleier

I am using my Bark Off that I got in the mail 2 days ago from the company and I am wondering how effective is BarkOff for everyone else? I have been using it ever since I got it in the mail and it seems to be doing pretty well, even though it seems like my dogs are still warming up to it… I have two pit bulls and they have always been loud as heck, but I didn’t want to do the shock collar thing so I went with this thing.

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I actually have two of them because I thought I would probably need 1 device per dog, but it turns out it doesn’t work that way. But that’s alright because I can put one by my backdoor and one on the coffee table in my living room and that way I have the backyard and the entire house covered. I don’t think they have stopped the whole nuisance barking thing yet, but they have sure gotten a lot quieter. I think every day is a little better. I’ll update you all in a few weeks as long as we are allowed to submitted more than one review here.

BarkOff Review

Guest Review Submitted by Gerry Parcel

Hello and thank you for reading my barkoff review. My only gripe with this product is the shipping and handling. I think the shipping is a little too much, and I think it should be a few dollars less. But honestly I am happy with the actual product. Brandy does not bark anymore, and she has seemed to stop barking ever since I turned the barkoff switch on. The other day I had a Fedex guy at the door, and she barked at him until I petted her and told her it was OK. So I am very happy to know that my brandy hasn’t stopped barking when it really matters. I don’t really know what else there is to say here other than it worked for me. But I would suggest to them that they lower their shipping and handling fees.

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